New interactive 3D display added to Invisible Superheroes exhibition

A virtual reality cube helps bring the civil engineering of the future to life at Invisible Superheroes ICE 200  exhibition.

VR cube: ICE VP Ed McCann (l) with Greg Bentley, CEO Bentley
VR cube: ICE VP Ed McCann (l) with Greg Bentley, CEO Bentley
A new interactive display that shows how engineers can transform the world to be has opened as part of the ICE 200 Invisible Superheroes exhibition.

The new display features an immersive virtual reality cube in which visitors navigate through a 3D model that shows how advances in technology help create civil engineering solutions that meet infrastructure demands.

As well as the VR cube there is a ContextCapture mobile station, where participants can take their own photos and create a reality-mesh from a physical model of a London Underground station, and an interactive station featuring LumenRT, where attendees can try their hand at enlivening a 3D scene with virtual people, plants, and weather.

All the displays, apps and technology are provided by Bentley Systems, a global software provider to the infrastructure sector.

Bentley CEO Greg Bentley says: “When we think about the next 200 years we need to think about technology and going digital. We can advance civil engineering - the only limitation is enhancing professionals which this technology is helping to change.

“We need future civil engineers to be superheroes and for people to know that civil engineering is fun, interesting  - and super.”

Ed McCann, ICE Vice President and Expedition Engineering Director, says: “ICE is really focusing on making the public aware of the value of civil engineering to lives and society at large. It’s an interesting challenge – to change the image of civil engineering.

“We need advanced digital technology and with this fabulous resource we can help bring civil engineering to a new generation.”

The ICE 200 Invisible Superheroes exhibition at One Great George Street is open Monday - Friday, 10am to 5pm.