IPD Online upgrade coming soon

IPD Online is being upgraded in the first quarter of next year. It will feature a more user friendly interface with a clearer design and less compartmentalised attributes. We’ll be in touch nearer the launch with more information and to give you a preview of the new system.

A screenshot of the new system (under development).
A screenshot of the new system (under development).

We're upgrading IPD Online to make it easier to use and introduce new features.

IPD Online is our platform to support members on an ICE Training Scheme or following our mentor-supported training programme. It helps you to record your progress and get feedback as you aim to complete your initial professional development (IPD) and become professionally qualified with ICE.

The improvements for trainees include:

  • Simplified structure for recording experience and assessing progress against attributes. The attributes aren't changing and you'll still need to demonstrate the same breadth of experience, but they will be consolidated to make it easier for you to record and keep track of evidence
  • A more user friendly interface with a clearer design that requires fewer clicks to complete tasks
  • The ability to generate reports of your evidence and feedback, annual appraisals and completions, so they can be read offline at your convenience
  • A document library to help you manage your documents such as development reports, drawings and CPD records. You'll be able to link a single document to many attributes
  • Increased flexibility if you wish to record your IPD at IEng or CEng level while you are working towards gaining the required academic qualifications to sit professional review at this level

The upgrade is being developed with extensive input and feedback from users. It will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

We'll be in touch with all IPD Online users before the upgrade to give you more detail on what you can expect from the new system.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at cats@ice.org.uk.