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ICE Council for 2017/18
ICE Council for 2017/18
  • Updated: 08 January, 2018
  • Author: Pat Marsh

Council is responsible for setting ICE's high level strategy. This is central to meeting the challenges of growing membership and maintaining our leading voice on the importance of civil engineers around the world.

Does this opportunity interest you? Or is there someone you think would be perfect for it? If so, please encourage them to apply and you can be one of their sponsors.


This year we're looking for the following Council members:

  • 5 general members
  • 5 regional members
  • 1 graduate member

Find out more about what each role involves and what's required to be a candidate or sponsor.

Terms of service

Council members serve for 3 years starting from 6 November 2018. Council meets 4 times a year, usually at One Great George Street, London.

If you'd like to put yourself forward as a candidate please first read the responsibilities and desired competencies. If there's anything you don't understand we're happy to help (contact details below).

How to nominate

Fill in the nomination form and email it to [email protected] by 31 March 2018.

All candidates will need 5 sponsors who must be full paying ICE members. A member may sponsor up to 2 candidates.

For more information

Contact the Council Office with any queries:
t: 020 7665 2077/2002
e: [email protected]

Joining Council could not only be the next step in your career but also the chance to make a real difference – to the institution, the profession and the world around you.