Key learnings from last year's CPD audit

Last year’s continuous professional development audit gave over 650 members feedback on their 2016 CPD records.

Find out what we have learnt from the CPD audit
Find out what we have learnt from the CPD audit

ICE thanks members who submitted their Development Action Plan (DAP) and Personal Development Record (PDR) by the deadline. This exercise demonstrates civil engineers' commitment to continuing professional development and their understanding of the benefits gained from the Plan-Act-Assess- Review CPD cycle.

Overall 76% of those selected for audit submitted their records, which was a very encouraging increase on previous years' totals. We hope that numbers will continue to increase towards 2019 when the Engineering Council plans to introduce mandatory CPD recording.

The key results from last year's audit include:

  • 79% of members used the ICE templates to record their CPD (available under appendices of the ICE's CPD guidance document). ICE accepts CPD records in any format so long as it allows members to plan, record and reflect upon their CPD.
  • The CPD Panel is committed to reviewing all CPD records received and provide feedback to members as part of the audit to ensure it is valuable and helps members complete their CPD records more effectively in the future.
  • Plans are underway to ensure ICE can implement the Engineering Council's mandatory CPD recording in 2019, including, where necessary, the imposition of sanctions for those members who refuse to engage by providing a CPD record when requested in 2020, as part of ongoing work to improve our Engineering Knowledge offering.

Thanks again to members who submitted their CPD records last year.

Guidance is available for those who need help with their CPD recording or for any questions and advice: email [email protected].

CPD - what you should be doing in 2018

This is the ideal time of year to ensure your PDR for 2017 is up to date and to write down your learning objectives for 2018 using a DAP. Remember that templates are available.

The 2018 CPD audit will start in March and involve a random sample of all professionally active members, so look out for a request via email if you happen to be selected and be ready to submit.