Last chance to cast your vote for Council 2016

Have your say and use your vote before 12 July

ICE Council for 2015/16
ICE Council for 2015/16

All members who are eligible to vote and are registered with MyICE will have received an email from with a link to the voting site and details on how to vote. A reminder email was sent on Monday 27 June.

If you are not registered with a valid email address, or if you have opted out of voting online, the ballot papers will have been sent to you by post at the beginning of June.

ICE has chosen to use Electoral Reform Services (ERS) as the independent scrutineer to administer the vote and to ensure the integrity of the ballot.

If you don't receive your ballot email or your pack in the post, or you have any questions about how to vote, please contact or

Voting closes on 12 July 2016.

More information

Find out more about ICE Council and this year's Council Elections and who you can vote for.

If you have any questions please contact

Have your say and use your vote in the 2016 ICE Council Election.

Ballot on broadening membership

Alongside the election, members are also invited to vote on a number of proposed revisions to our Royal Charter, By-laws and Admission Regulations.

Three of the proposals outlined below seek to broaden the associate member grade to encompass a wider range of allied professionals.

  1. Affiliates would transfer to the new 'associate member' grade and the affiliate grade would be closed.
  2. Current professionally qualified associate members who joined before 2006 would be transferred to the member grade.
  3. Current associate members who are not professionally qualified civil engineer members would transfer to the new 'associate member' grade.
  4. Applicants wishing to become 'associate members' would not be required to be professionally qualified in a civil engineering discipline but would be required to demonstrate a genuine interest in civil engineering and would be assessed by an independent panel.

It is also proposed that, in order to encourage more people to progress to professional qualification as civil engineers, graduate members should be entitled to use the designatory letters "GMICE". This would also ensure that graduates have comparable benefits to the new 'knowledge-pathway' associate members.

The final proposal is to align the application requirements for those seeking technician membership with the requirements already set for those applying as fellows and members.

All of these proposals can only be implemented with the approval of corporate members in the ballot which is currently running and closes on 12 July 2016 (and the proposals affecting the Royal Charter and By-laws thereafter with the approval of the Privy Council).