Library E-Book of the Month – September 2017

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Find out more about our book of the month
Library book of the month

Future challenges for sustainable development within the built environment. E-Book.

P. Lombardi, et al.
Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2017

Preparing for a sustainable future is increasingly topical for engineers faced with an expanding range of challenges from climate change to faster developments in technology and social changes that see more and more of us living in busy cities.

The aim of the book is to provide a holistic view on the subject looking at the future from a wide range of angles. Written by experienced and knowledgeable authors who are leading thinkers in their field, the book is broken into three sections.

The first section – World views and values challenges the buzzword sustainability, questioning the lens through which we view the problem, and the pitfall of focussing on one aspect which makes it too easy to push aside consequences. This section also looks at urbanisation, the legacy of BEQUEST (Building Environmental Quality Assessment for Sustainability through Time) and post carbon scenarios.

The second section, Design and evaluation tools and technology concentrates on new technology, BIM, smart technology, big data and the way these tools will help engineers understand and shape the world. It also develops some of the issues from the previous section further, looking at virtual reality, intelligent digital environments, more comprehensive risk assessments for resilient cities and a look at the world in 2050.

The third section – Engaging with practice, stakeholders and management focuses on putting theory into practice and the human factor, communication, decision making, and stakeholder engagement. The section includes chapters on the timing of adopting new technology in order to get the full potential, the role of engineering contracts and value generation.

Although the book is generally global in its outlook, it does include a reflective analysis on sustainability in practice in the UK and a case study of the Nottingham experience as an example of a smart city.

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