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Library book of the month: Urban Soils.
Library book of the month: Urban Soils.

Lal, R.: Urban soils. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2018.

Recognising the fact that today over half of the world's population now live in cities, Rattan Lal's book describes what makes urban soils different and important, how human activity has shaped it and what can be done to undo some of the damage.

A collection of 18 chapters written by experts in their fields the book includes chapters on:

  • Changes in Soil Organic Carbon Stocks by Urbanization
  • Urban Soil Carbon Storage
  • Sealing Effects on Properties of Urban Soils
  • Making Soils from Urban Wastes
  • Properties of Soils Affected by Highways
  • Enhancing Awareness about the Importance of Urban Soils

However, rather unusual for a geotechnical book, it is not just limited to what lies below our feet, roads and buildings, but also looks up into the sky, by investigating the potential that green roofs can play in food production, energy balance, and carbon dynamics.

The e-book is part of the Dawsonera e-book collection, accessible through the Digital Resources portal.