Lifelong learning: CPD can benefit your career

Reminder of need to complete CPD in advance of 2017 audit

Maintain your civil engineering credibility by keeping up-to-date with your CPD.
Maintain your civil engineering credibility by keeping up-to-date with your CPD.

A new year means a new resolution – why not make it lifelong learning!

Life is competitive and civil engineering is no different. It is therefore important for civil engineering professionals to manage their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure they remain current and competent in their field.

It is essential to keep your personal and technical skills, knowledge and experience up to date and record what you have done so that you can reflect on it; and plan for the next step. ICE is here to help you develop your career successfully by supporting you when planning, doing and recording your CPD.

The CPD recording tools and the templates in the CPD Guidance document make it easy for you to track your progress. They can also help you demonstrate your motivation to adhere to professional standards, as specifically mentioned in the ICE code of conduct.

Having a current CPD record is essential for all ICE members, ICE Reviewers and those who provide volunteer support through involvement in the ICE Council, panels or committees should lead by example. If you belong to our engaged community, you will be part of our annual CPD audit. We will ask a randomly selected qualified working members for their 2016 Development Action Plan (DAP) and 2016 Professional Development Record (PDR) as part of the CPD audit.

So look out for a request to submit your records for our CPD audit in early March 2017. If you have any questions, please contact