Lifelong learning: how CPD benefits your career

In advance of the 2018 audit you need to update your CPD records.

Find out what CPD can do for your career.
Find out what CPD can do for your career.

As a civil engineer it is more important than ever that you take responsibility for your personal development to maintain your competence by keeping your knowledge and skills current.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plays a central role in ensuring that you plan your development on a yearly basis and get the most out of all your learning. Relevant CPD can take many forms – from attending forums on technical subjects, to reading journal articles and mentoring other members with their development.

ICE is here to help you develop your career successfully by supporting you at every stage. To encourage your lifelong learning and help broaden your technical and professional capabilities, ICE has brought together a wide range of further training and career development options.

This includes qualifications, courses, recorded lectures, books and other publications. For further information, please visit My Learning, available from MyICE.

Through CPD Guidance, ICE provides advice on how to follow the Plan – Act – Assess – Review learning cycle as well as useful templates for you to look ahead using a Development Action Plan (DAP), and to evaluate the key learning points/benefits using a Personal Development Record (PDR).

There are also FAQs, examples of best practice, and suggested areas of learning available at

Up-to-date CPD records are essential for all ICE members to enable you to reflect on the effectiveness of your learning activities and plan for next steps.

From 2019 onwards, the Engineering Council has decided that CPD recording will be mandatory for all registrants. Your CPD records also help you demonstrate your motivation to adhere to professional standards, as specifically mentioned in the ICE code of conduct.

Every year, ICE carries out an audit of the previous year's CPD records of a sample of our professionally active members. The audit helps ICE to understand the quality of CPD record keeping, so as to provide feedback to members and to identify and encourage best practice.

This year's audit begins in early MarchWe may email you to submit copies of your 2017 DAP and 2017 PDR soon.