MERIT 2018 registration open

MERIT trains young professional engineers in company, business and financial management. It develops disciplined decision-making, teamwork and leadership. Registration for the 2018 competition (final 17 and 18 May 2018) is now open.

Register for MERIT 2018
Register for MERIT 2018

The search for the 28th Champions of MERIT, the annual construction based business game, has begun.

MERIT gives young professional engineers lasting and valuable skills in company, business and financial management. To win it is important to develop disciplined decision-making, teamwork and leadership.

As Jessica Elliott, AMEC Foster Wheeler says: "The game has allowed me to reflect on how to communicate in a team of new people and navigate between everyone's opinions and ideas. I will take away the notion that a group of minds is usually better than one!"

The MERIT 2017 Champions were 'P.M. Kids' a team from Atkins China. For more on this, see this video and article, Atkins China's team crowned MERIT 2017 champions

Tim Broyd, ICE President commenting on all finalists said, "These are some special engineers and this business experience will surely help them to develop into senior management roles and lead our business and our sector forward; their creativity and brains are going to be in great demand, to overcome some of the huge challenges we as a society face."

Advice from 2017 players included:

"Definitely take part, [there is] a lot to learn and a lot of skills to be developed by taking part."
Franklyn Frantos, Atkins

"Definitely worth a try, the more effort you invest, the more you can learn from it."
Balint Penzes, COWI UK

  • Registration opens November 2017
  • Trialling starts January 2018
  • First round 01 March 2018
  • Final at Loughborough University 17 and 18 May 2018

Find out more details and to register go to