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Minecraft bridge wins ICE photo competition

23 September 2019

Judges said it showed that young people are “leagues ahead” when it comes to understanding engineering in a digital world.  

Minecraft bridge wins ICE photo competition

A bridge created in Minecraft, by Aryan Pai, has won the 16 and under category of ICE’s Engineering Summer WICE photo competition.

ICE’s competition called for the public to send in snaps of what they think captures the wonderful world of civil engineering. There were two award categories, each with a different prize.

“Of all the entries in both categories, this was the only wholly digital image we received,” said Simon Creer, ICE Director of Communications and one of the competition judges.

The Minecraft bridge by Aryan Pai.

“As we move into an increasingly digital world, this image cleverly illustrates that fact and shows us that the next generation are already leagues ahead of adults when it comes to understanding this.”

A photo of two stories

A sun-soaked photo of Tintagel Bridge in Cornwall took home the prize in the category for entrants aged 17 and older.

A photo of Tintagel Bridge in Cornwall, taken by Callum White.

It was taken by graduate structural engineer and ICE member Callum White, 23, who works for civil engineering firm Ramboll in Birmingham.

“For me, the photo tells two stories,” White said.

“In the first, I wanted to demonstrate how engineering makes a great difference to people’s lives. I therefore attempted to capture the lingering public enjoying the bridge with their families.

“For the second story, I set out to somehow show the ‘magical’ feeling gifted by the Tintagel story of King Arthur and its new bridge. I placed the sun and its halo behind the bridge, which highlighted the two cantilevers which never meet, representing a transition from past to present.”

One of the judges, ICE Director of UK Regions Wendy Blundell, said she was “very taken” with how the sunlight “captured the beauty of the structure”.

Meanwhile, another judge, professional photographer Tom Hampson, said: “Aesthetically, I liked the conflict between the different colours, forms and materials. The contrasting result was both graphic and striking.”

  • Anh Nguyen, content strategy manager at ICE