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Moses Ajala Launches Maths25

Dedicated ICE STEM Ambassador motivates students to study maths

Moses teaching students at the launch of Maths25
Moses teaching students at the launch of Maths25

Recently at Dartford Bridge School in Kent, ICE STEM Ambassador Moses Ajala launched Maths25 with his colleague Cintia Bailey from Connect Plus Services. Maths25 was launched to give year 4 and 5 students a chance to explore aspects of mathematics and other related STEM subjects in more detail.

Maths25 aims to go beyond school curriculum to expand students' mathematical understanding and its application. Students who attend Maths25 can develop practical, team work and leadership skills as well as increasing their confidence and engagement in mathematics.

Moses Ajala who launched the programme said: "If pupils understand the basics of maths early on, they use it as a building block to more advanced concepts. Maths can be fun - and we're demonstrating that with Maths25."

The club also looks to increase the student's motivation to study subjects related to maths and enter STEM careers. Launched last month, the club will run the second week of every month, continuing into 2018.

Moses Ajala was also awarded the ICE Steve Tebb Award for Schools Outreach in July this year for his commitment as an ICE Stem Ambassador and volunteering his time to engage young people in STEM.