New approach to silo build in Middle East

Innovative construction techniques were employed to enhance project safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

New approach to silo build in Middle East
New approach to silo build in Middle East

For the first time in the Middle East an innovative engineering method has been implemented for a modular erection in a large diameter silo. The key objectives were to reduce the high risks involved when working from a height, increase the quality of the work by delivering more work at ground level and improving customer satisfaction by being cost-effective and time efficient.

Cost savings was achieved through elimination of large capacity cranes for tandem erection and substantial time savings were recorded by excluding requirement for staging inside the silo.

The major erection challenges inside a silo involved the 12m high conveyor structures of 90m length over the 50m tall silos, two 40m diameter structural roofs comprising of radial members, main ties and numerous interconnecting members.

All fabricated and transported structural modules and equipment components were placed on a base slab in predefined sequence using a heavy lift crawler crane. The assembled components were built into a single module and erected with strand jacks fitted on a silo wall at the top.

Finite element analysis was done for modular erection of conveyor structure together with a 16m span cantilever roof and mechanical equipment (300MT module weight).This ensured the stability of lift at all stages during erection and ensured permissible tolerance limits for safe performance of structure and equipment. 3D models were developed for lift planning and clash checking.