ICE’s new career development portal boosts members’ learning choices

ICE has launched a trial version of an online portal that makes it far easier to choose courses, training and knowledge options and boost professional development.

My Learning: brings together a whole range of learning choices linked to job titles.
My Learning: brings together a whole range of learning choices linked to job titles.

Members can easily access even more courses, lectures, workshops, case studies and learning materials with the launch of ICE’s new online ‘My Learning’ portal.

My Learning brings together a wide range of career enhancing options matched against your job title or career stage. Members access My Learning once logged into MyICE.

My Learning has been designed to allow members to find training courses and further learning options not just by professional interest or discipline but by career stage or job title – such as project manager, engineer or business manager.

It also shows what additional knowledge or skills a member needs to move up the civil engineering career ladder.

Members select the role that is closest to where they are in their career – or where they would like to take their career – and then see what’s available to help them reach their goals.

Learning material choices range from technical content based on a member’s specialism or discipline through to complementary learning topics such as health and safety, cyber security and personal development.

Nathan Baker, ICE Director of Engineering Knowledge, explains:

"ICE was founded as a knowledge sharing organisation. As we move into our 200th anniversary ICE is making its vast amount of learning resources more accessible for members.

"With the new My Learning tool members can access our learning resources and knowledge much more easily. The portal responds to an individual's circumstances and provides a suggested learning programme. When members are ready to start looking at their, or their staff's, next career stage, they can see all the options open to them.

"The further non-technical training suggestions will lead to a much richer learning experience and we hope this will help members to continue their professional development."

My Learning is a beta (test) version. Members are asked to send their input and feedback to: