New ICE video conferencing suite goes live

ICE has launched its brand new video conferencing suite at One Great George Street with the aim of bringing Professional Reviews to candidates in remote locations.

ICE ready to offer remote Professional Reviews.
ICE ready to offer remote Professional Reviews.

ICE welcomes members from all over the world and already carries out Professional Reviews in a number of locations. We regularly carry out reviews in centres such as Sydney, Auckland, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore and Dubai – as well as across the UK.

While face to face Professional Reviews remain the preferred approach, ICE can now offer remote Professional Reviews for candidates unable to travel to these locations or whose specialist area of work does not match any of the available Reviewers at that location.

How does a remote Professional Review work?

Using our state of the art video conferencing suite at One Great George Street, London, Reviewers can interview those looking to become professionally qualified with ICE.

The new facility's high quality audio and video ensures a natural and fluid conversation between the Reviewers in London and candidates in remote locations.

The new video conferencing suite improves our support for members and potential members and gives candidates the opportunity to become professionally qualified wherever they are in the world.

To find out more and for eligibility requirements, please contact [email protected].