Northern Ireland engineer Lauren Gracey encourages diversity in STEM

In her new role on the WISE Young Women’s Board, Lauren will help inform WISE campaigns and consultancy on behalf of young women studying and working in STEM

Lauren is a Design Co-ordinator with Graham Construction.
Lauren is a Design Co-ordinator with Graham Construction.

Northern Ireland-based civil engineer Lauren Gracey has been appointed to the Young Women's Board of WISE, an organisation dedicated to promoting women in STEM. Lauren will represent and inform the main WISE Board campaign strategy as a spokesperson for young women in STEM, and will also put on education and careers-orientated events for young women and girls.

"I feel very lucky to have come across a career path which I enjoy so much, and I have always been passionate about sharing that with younger generations," Lauren said. "I think it is so important to make all STEM career paths more transparent and accessible to all minorities – diversity in the workplace has been proven to drive forward a company's success."

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers in Europe – as of last year, only 9% of UK engineers were women. Organisations like WISE work to address that imbalance by advising organisations on how to create environments that will attract and retain women.

"If we are to achieve the objectives of Construction 2025, it is imperative that we review and improve our current way of working," Lauren said. "This includes diversifying the industry, promoting apprenticeships, broadening and improving our skills amongst the workforce and ensuring that the UK construction industry is competitive and ultimately successful."

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