ICE Northern Ireland Fellows receive honorary degrees

Wendy Blundell OBE, David Orr CBE and Sir Malcolm McKibbin have earned honorary doctorates from Northern Ireland universities.

Clockwise: Wendy Blundell OBE, David Orr CBE and Sir Malcolm McKibbin.
Clockwise: Wendy Blundell OBE, David Orr CBE and Sir Malcolm McKibbin.

Three outstanding ICE Fellows were honoured this summer with honorary degrees from prestigious universities.

Wendy Blundell, ICE Director of UK Regions, received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) from Ulster University in recognition of her distinguished career in civil engineering and her being an exceptional role model for young women.

Ulster University invited Wendy to speak to graduating psychology, pharmacy, environmental science, and geography students at the 3 July graduation ceremony.

Wendy spoke about the lessons she has learned over the course of her career, encouraging graduates to not fear failure and to fully engage in their professions and their world. She closed with wise words about how to utilise gifts and choices.

"I chose to be a civil engineer," Wendy said. "I wanted to make a difference to people's lives – I followed my passion and I am proud of my choice."

"In the end, we are our choices – build yourself a great story."

ICE Northern Ireland Fellow and Past Chairman David Orr also received an honorary Doctor of Science from Ulster University for his significant impact in the field of engineering. In his speech to Faculty of Arts graduates, David spoke about the immense opportunities they will have.

"You must grasp those opportunities," David said. "Whether you shine on the public stage or proudly serve as an unsung hero, may you succeed beyond all measure."

Sir Malcolm McKibbin, Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Permanent Secretary of the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, received an honorary doctorate for distinction in public service from Queen's University Belfast.

"These three exemplary leaders are a testament to how civil engineers transform society," said Richard Kirk, ICE Regional Director for Northern Ireland.

"We are honoured to have trailblazers like Wendy, David and Malcolm in ICE, and congratulate them on their incredible achievements."

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