Our profession is changing and we need to change with it, Motts Director tells ICE members

ICE London’s first Inspiring Engineers event saw Clare Wildfire from Mott MacDonald explain how the industry must continue to innovate

How can systemic innovation be encouraged?
How can systemic innovation be encouraged?
Clare Wildfire
Clare Wildfire

Civil engineering is changing and we need to be ready for it.

That was the central message from Clare Wildfire, Technical Director at Mott MacDonald when she spoke at the first Inspiring Engineers event on 3 March.

Whether it's an increasingly urbanised population, encouraging a more diverse workforce or the growing need to have interdisciplinary skills, it is clear that the industry is evolving Clare stated and it is vital that civil engineers are able to adapt.

Inspiring Engineers, a new programme of events invites industry leaders to speak on how they have achieved success in their fields, with the aim of inspiring a new generation of diverse civil engineers to follow in their footsteps.

In her talk, Clare provided examples from her own career where innovation was vital, including on a mixed use transport and flood defence tunnel scheme in Kuala Lumpur and in providing sustainable energy to historic buildings in London.

Offering her advice to attendees, Clare encouraged them to be more confident in what they did, but claimed that did not mean always being the loudest one in the room.

She also spoke about the importance of diversity in the industry and suggested that unconscious bias, where people have pre-determined views of someone based on their appearance, sex, or other factors, was still a threat to equality in engineering.

However, Clare was keen to highlight that the answer was not to blame people for their unconscious biases, but instead to provide a space where people can learn to understand how they may be making biased decisions.

She had clear advice for engineers looking to get ahead in the industry: don't worry about where the future will take you, gain the technical knowledge and work with others who have different skill sets from you.

Inspiring Engineers

The second Inspiring Engineers talk will be on 7 April with Michele Dix, Managing Director of Crossrail 2.

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The third Inspiring Engineers talk will be on 5 May with Isabel Dedring, former Deputy Mayor for Transport.

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