Can the construction industry overcome barriers to digital transformation?

A new report from ICE together with Bluebeam investigates the barriers that need to be overcome for full digital transformation in the construction and engineering industry.

ICE teamed up with software company Bluebeam on an online survey looking at digital transformation
ICE teamed up with software company Bluebeam on an online survey looking at digital transformation

A new report into infrastructure digitisation has revealed that 72% of construction firms believe the industry is not moving fast enough into digital processes.

In 2019, ICE together with Bluebeam, surveyed 161 construction industry firms to explore the cultural and behavioural barriers to digital transformation and opportunities for improvement.

Amongst other insights the report found that the industry is missing out on opportunities to improve its productivity and implementation of digital transformation is poor so far. Other findings included:

  • Organisations don’t always prioritise digital solutions
  • Organisations don’t promote data-based decision making
  • 44% of firms are operating at BIM Level 1 or lower

What could be the underlying factors behind these trends? What solutions need to be put in place so we can extract more value from digital transformation and increase productivity across the built environment?

The research report explains the insights gained and is part of the ICE’s ongoing digital transformation campaign, aimed at helping industry adapt to digital ways of working and greater efficiency.

There are likely to be huge gains in productivity for the infrastructure sector, from what is called the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, especially using better communication and connectivity. But there are signs this will not be a smooth transition. Digital transformation is an organisational change challenge, and to be successful here a lot more training and up-skilling is needed.

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