Pitch 200: why a cow’s leg tells us something about engineering

An engineering student from Teesside University is to represent ICE North East, Yorkshire and Humber at the national final of Pitch 200.

India during her presentation.
India during her presentation.

An engineering student who linked the wonders of nature to the feats of engineering has been chosen to represent the ICE North East at the Pitch 200 national final in London in November.

Master of Engineering student at Teesside University India Hutchinson was the outright winner of the regional final of Pitch 200 – using a cow's leg bone to demonstrate how structures need support. India showed how civil engineers can learn from nature and apply its principles in their everyday jobs to identify and work with points of weakness on structures.

At the event, hosted by the BBC One Show's 'Science Guy' Marty Jopson, India was joined by 5 other contestants from the North East and Yorkshire and Humber regions to deliver their presentations in front of a public audience at The Bar Convent in York.

Marty Jopson says: "Civil engineering is one of those things that you don't seem to notice until it is explained to you and then you're like 'wow'. So events like these are always a huge crowd pleaser. I think ICE does a fantastic job organising events like this."

Penny Marshall, Regional Director of ICE North East and Yorkshire and Humber, adds: "It is fascinating to hear our members bringing to life civil engineering projects and concepts in unique ways.

"All of the pitches were interesting, diverse and engaging, so choosing a winner was incredibly difficult, but India's pitch really stood out. I wish her the best of luck in the international final."

India said: "It's really important to use inspiration from nature in our design and construction because nature itself has been doing it for millions of years and we have been around for considerably less."