President Professor Tim Broyd visits students in Guernsey

On 2 October 2017 the Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers hosted a workshop at Ladies College Guernsey with special guest Professor Tim Broyd, attended by students from all secondary schools on the island.

Professor Tim Broyd with Guernsey students
Professor Tim Broyd with Guernsey students

The special activity workshop for Year 10 students gave 50 students the chance to use BIM (Building Information Modelling). The students from all the island secondary schools were split into mixed groups and given an iPad per group, with a 3D digital model of a building on it. The groups had to look at the model, navigate their way round it and work out how to take measurements from it before building a scale replica of part of it out of cardboard, art straws and other materials.

At the end of the session the group pieced the floors together, to see how well the students interpreted the building.

Following this there was a talk from Professor Broyd on the built environment and how what the students had achieved in the session related to this.

Local architect CREATE Architecture were on-board, providing a talk on the use of BIM in Guernsey and let the students have a go with their virtual reality headset. Land surveyor, Marquis Surveys also attended demonstrating their Laser scanner and 3D point cloud models, which are used within the BIM models.

There were volunteers from Geomarine – Civil Engineering contractor, Guernsey Electricity, CBL Consulting Engineers, DLA Consulting Engineers, States of Guernsey and CDC – M&E Building Services Engineers, who all helped to mentor the groups.