Qualified technicians and civil engineers welcome to join H&S Register

Engineering Technicians, as well as Civil Engineers, are now able to apply to join the ICE Health and Safety Register, considered a ‘gold standard’ badge of credibility in construction health, safety and wellbeing.

Health and Safety Register.
Health and Safety Register.

If you are a construction professional and have become professionally qualified to EngTech, IEng or CEng level then membership of the Health and Safety Register is a great next step.

Membership of the ICE Health and Safety Register will prove to your clients and employer that you are committed to continually advancing your health and safety knowledge, expertise and organisational capability to carry out design and construction in a way that secures their health, safety and wellbeing.


In addition to increasing your clients' confidence, membership of the register offers you/your employer benefits that include:

  • A 'gold standard' badge of credibility in construction health, safety and wellbeing
  • A reduced risk of legal action on projects
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • More credible bids with independent assessments of capability
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums

Health and Safety regulations and associated guidance require that whether you are a designer, contractor or client you need to have and maintain sufficient relevant levels of skills, knowledge and experience. Membership of the register demonstrates this health and safety competence.

Remember: clients have to ensure that all duty holders appointed, including principal designers and principal contractors, carry out their duties while maintaining and improving worker protection.

Open to all construction professionals

If you are an engineering technician who is ready to start advancing and demonstrating your health, safety and wellbeing skills, knowledge and expertise then Level 1 of the register is now open to you.

The register has two levels of membership:

  • Level 1 is for newly qualified professionals (EngTech, IEng and CEng and other similar qualifications) who contribute effectively to project teams on health and safety issues, or who are involved on less complex or lower risk projects.
  • The Advanced level is for more experienced people (IEng and CEng grades only) who lead in health and safety on more complex or high risk projects. Achieving this level of registration puts you in the top echelons of those working in construction.

Apply to join today

Applying is easy and quick – simply download and fill out a registration form from our website and send with your CV to registers@ice.org.uk.