QUEST award enables Canada and US exploratory engineering trip

Atkins engineer and blogger Jen Sampson is latest recipient of the Eloise Plunkett Award.

Engineer Jen Sampson: passionate about sustainable engineering development.
Engineer Jen Sampson: passionate about sustainable engineering development.

Members' professional development boosted by QUEST awards

QUEST (the Queen's Silver Jubilee Scholarship Trust) is ICE's flagship awards and scholarship programme. It offers our members valuable funding to develop their skills and knowledge to help them perform and contribute on a global platform.

The winner of the Eloise Plunkett Travel Award is Jen Sampson.

Jen is a dam engineer working for Atkins in Scotland and is passionate about developing sustainable engineering solutions.

Her QUEST funding will enable a three month trip to Canada and the US to blog about engineering and development of the natural and built environment. She hopes her blog will show how engineering is vital in our lives, to enthuse and inspire others – particularly young women – to consider a career in engineering.

She says, "It is often said that engineering is all around us, but do non-engineers know what we mean? I want to share my enthusiasm for exploration and what can be achieved."

Follow Jen's travel blog. Find out more about the Eloise Plunkett Award and how to apply.

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