QUEST Travel Award and Kenneth Watson Travel Award 2018

Students, graduates and professionally qualified members have been awarded between £500 and £1,000 for civil engineering related travel to shape the world this spring.

Engineers working with Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda. Photo by Collin Hughes.
Engineers working with Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda. Photo by Collin Hughes.

Travel is great for learning new things, widening horizons, and gives you opportunities for both professional and personal development. It's an exciting and necessary part of the job for many professional civil engineers who work on projects that cross borders, languages and cultures.

The QUEST Committee were delighted at the standard of the applications for the Kenneth Watson and Travel award this year and were inspired by the interesting and worthwhile work ICE members are undertaking around the globe.

The QUEST Travel Award runs twice a year and is for Graduate and professionally qualified members. The following projects and individuals were successful in the Spring round. The next round of applications is now open, closing 31 August so get your application in if you've a trip in mind!

  • Kumi Hospital scheme Engineers for Overseas Development [Kumi, Uganda] - Shandje Chandramohan
  • Gathimba Edwards Volunteer House building [Iten, Kenya] - Hannah McHugh
  • Misión Mayu Suspended Bridge, Bridges to Prosperity [Tablas Monte, Bolivia] - Paul McKay
  • Preventative Maintenance of Water Points in Rural Communities, field work & conference [Blantyre, Malawi - Nakuru, Kenya] - Jonathan Truslove
  • Site supervision, Bridges to Prosperity [Kontshingila, Swaziland] - Eleanor Davies
  • Raincatcher Imperial [Tanzania] - Patrick Sharkey

Mutovu Suspension Bridge, Bridges to Prosperity [Nyaruguru District, Rwanda]

  • Martin McGuiness
  • Philip Crossett
  • Gary Donnelly
  • Robert Laverty
  • Claire Hughes
  • Lynsey McNeilly

Zukuka Bora Coffee Production Centre, Engineers for Overseas Development [Mbale, Uganda]

  • Nushma Juwaheer
  • Youngky Panjaitan
  • Michael Hughes
  • James Thorneycroft
  • Mark McGrath
  • Patrick Samengo-Turner
  • William Bromiley
  • Nitisha Gopaul

Bridge build, Bridges to Prosperity [Uganda]

  • Oliver Hacke
  • Thomas Keatley
  • Nicholas Humphries
  • Rebecca Woodhouse
  • Jack Bishop

Karengo Footbridge, Bridges to Prosperity [Karengo (Rulindo), Rwanda]

  • Nicole Preston
  • Tina Gunnarsson
  • Bryony Coombs
  • Benjamin Murphy

The QUEST Kenneth Watson Travel Award runs annually and is for student members. The following projects and individuals were successful this year. The next round of applications will open in January 2019.

  • Volunteer HQ, Construction project – Greg Beaumont
  • Bottle School Project, Guatemala – Nicola Day
  • Sustainable Agriculture Project in Viacha (Peru) – Gideon Elsdon
  • WASH Project with Raleigh International – Louise French
  • Gravity fed water system, Nicaragua – Sam Gardiner
  • Constructing Water Harvesting tanks for TECHO, Panama – Frances James
  • Projects Abroad General Building Projects, Nepal – David Thomas

ACE to Zambia

  • Jack Trainor
  • Amy Donohoe
  • Robert Vine
  • Simon Cox

Batiki Island Building Project – Think Pacific Volunteer Expedition

  • Zoe Sparks
  • Louise McAndrew

Cameroon Catalyst WASH 2018

  • Thomas Dutton
  • Julie Nora Eldin

FemEng in Rwanda

  • Holly Mo Vyse
  • Paula Pappas

Micro Hydro Power Systems, Philippines

  • Louis Rivet
  • Miriam May

RED Project Borneo

  • Sher Lynn Wong
  • Xinjin Ho
  • Weng Loke
  • Chun Anson Chan
  • Shiyong Liu
  • Cheuk Jeffrey Kwong
  • Joshua Adeola
  • Teng Wai Vu

Think Pacific Construction Project

  • Will Spurway
  • Sion McKee

UCL Bridges to Prosperity

  • Jari Devilee
  • Signe Swarttouw
  • Chiara Bariviera

Water & Agricultural Research, Sierra Leone

  • Joe Camfield
  • Umar Shirin
  • Eitel Tchapdeu

QUEST awards would not be possible without the support from our members. If you would like to find out more about QUEST and how to support its future, get in touch on [email protected].