GEC day 2: RAEng unveils £15m partnership with Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The Royal Academy of Engineering’s president delivered a keynote speech on the second day of the Global Engineering Congress.

RAEng President Dame Ann Dowling. Image credit: RAEng
RAEng President Dame Ann Dowling. Image credit: RAEng

Professor Dame Ann Dowling, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), announced a major partnership with the charity Lloyd’s Register Foundation at GEC yesterday.

Speaking at the event at ICE’s London headquarters, she said the collaboration aimed to address critical challenges in engineering safety around the world.

The agreement will allow the organisations to “build new global alliances to carry out research on difficult engineering safety problems,” Dame Ann said.


She added that the results of the research will be translated into practical outputs that engineers and the affected communities can “easily absorb”, such as new standards, codes of conduct, textbooks and videos.

A focus on safer systems and skills

The £15 million funding will be allocated over five years to create communities of best practice and build global research collaborations to work on the engineering safety challenges.

The initial focus will be on three topics: safer complex industrial and engineered systems, enhanced safety in decommissioning and end of engineering life, and developing engineering skills where they’re most needed.

“We hope to see professional institutions in the UK and from around the worlds - as well as universities, business, and research and training organisations - heavily involved in all three calls,” she told the GEC delegates.