Re-Engineering Our Cities - ICE West Midlands Conference huge success

Cities are a vital part of our economy and society and are growing rapidly in population and commercial activity. This growth places huge demands on physical and electronic communications and supporting infrastructure which the construction industry needs to satisfy.

Conference audience
Conference audience

A conference to highlight these challenges, organised by the Coventry & Warwickshire branch, was held at Coventry University on 14th September 2016. Over 80 attendees, including the ICE Municipals panel, learnt of the vision, future needs, opportunities and successful case histories of city redevelopment and by doing so encouraged dialogue and understanding.

Keynote speaker, Professor Chris Rogers of Birmingham University, spoke on the vision for sustainable, resilient and liveable cities. This was followed by presentations on the problems posed and solutions used in maintaining and enhancing connectivity in Midlands' cities and London. The conference was honoured to have presentations by two former Presidents of the ICE; Richard Coakley, who talked about energy supplies and networks, and Jean Venables who talked about management of flood risk.

The architect Glenn Howells spoke on building in an evolving city; Simon Hinsley from Severn Trent, on securing resilient water supplies and David Entwisle from the British Geological Survey, on the establishment of a usable database on geology and ground conditions. Lively discussions followed each session, and breaks allowed those attending to network with the speakers and other professionals and visit sponsors' displays.

Delegates were given a USB stick containing presentations and sponsor information. The event was recorded and each presentation can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

These components provide a valuable resource and reference point for use by those facing city redevelopment problems.


Conference welcome and Keynote Presentation
Re-engineering future sustainable, resilient and liveable cities
Prof Chris Rogers Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, The University of Birmingham
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The role of local authorities
Martin Reeves, Chief Executive, Coventry City Council and Chief Executive, West Midlands Combined Authority
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Civilizing the city
Colin Knight, Assistant Director, Planning Transport & Highways, Coventry City Council
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Case history Birmingham
Gary Woodward, Birmingham City Council, City Development Team
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Emerging Midlands Connect Strategic Transport Strategy and links to the delivery of HS2
Andrew Pritchard, Director of Policy & Infrastructure , East Midlands Councils, Midlands Connect
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Building design
Glenn Howells, Glenn Howells Architects
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Redefining resilient city energy systems
Richard Coackley, Director of Energy Development, AECOM, former ICE President
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Constructing the visions: Victoria Station upgrade
Ryan McCarron, BAM Nuttall
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Translating the urban vision into reality
John Thomson, Immediate Past Chairman of the ICE Municipals Expert Panel
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Data as a resource: accessing subsurface knowledge - the ASK network
David Entwistle, British Geological Survey
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Managing flood risk and public expectations
Dr Jean Venables, Venables Consultancy, former ICE President
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Securing resilient water supplies
Simon Hinsley, Project Sponsor, Birmingham Resilience Project, Severn Trent Water
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