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Each month the ICE Library team selects a new title from our ever-growing collection to feature as ‘book of the month’. This month we review a new book on virtual reality and the built environment.

Find out more about our book of the month.
Find out more about our book of the month.
Book of the month

J. Whyte & D. Nikolic: Virtual reality and the built environment, 2nd ed, London: Routledge, 2018

Unlike traditional civil engineering, which is very much based in the real world, this book takes civil engineering into cyberspace.

As it is a relatively new technology, but one that is developing with astonishing speed, we are still at the beginning of exploring the exciting possibilities virtual reality can offer engineering.

However, the wide adoption of BIM has already established digital technology as a familiar part of design and construction and some technologies considered in the first edition over 10 years ago such as laser scanning, mobile technologies and big data are now commonplace.

Driven by case studies, the book is not a technical guide instead it aims to inspire by posing the following questions:

  • How can applying virtual and augmented reality approaches help us better understand the built environment?
  • How can built environment professionals use these approaches to improve the design, operation and maintenance of both new and existing built environment projects?
  • How can we choose between VR systems and visualisation approaches for different built environment tasks?

In answering those questions the authors explore a range of topics from user experience, a short history of the visualisation of design and construction processes and the application of VR in modelling cities and urban environments.

The book is available for borrowing from the ICE Library. You can request it online through the Library catalogue or contact us on +44 (0)20 7665 2254 or [email protected].

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