ICE marks 200th anniversary with record number of QUEST engineering awards

The Queen’s Jubilee Scholarship Trust, or QUEST, was set up to encourage and support education in civil engineering. 

Over 250 awards have been made as part of ICE 200, with over half of undergraduate recipients being women. 

QUEST awards offer scholarships and bursaries for students, graduates and professionally qualified members at all levels to develop their knowledge and skills and help them fulfil their potential.  

The difference a QUEST scholarship makes  

For the first time, more than half of all QUEST Undergraduate Scholarships were awarded to women, with 43 out of a total of 76.


Current QUEST scholar Clara Bermejo, studying at the University of Manchester, said of the programme:  

“Being a QUEST scholar is a seal of approval. If you go for a job and someone else has exactly the same CV, with the same level of qualification, you can say that ICE has chosen me (to be a QUEST scholar). It really opens doors.”  

Hear Clara talk about her experience.  

Christopher Davies, a junior civil engineer at PHG Consulting Engineers, was also awarded a QUEST scholarship. He used it to help fund equipment whilst studying for an apprenticeship at college.  

“I had no way of working on my stuff from home and I found that I was completing my normal working day but then having to stay in the office after work to use the facilities, until 7pm or 8pm, five days a week. The QUEST scholarship allowed me to buy a laptop and a printer. It really assisted me with my studies.”  

Hear Christopher speak about his QUEST scholarship  

‘A testament to the next generation’ 

Barry Clarke, Chair of the QUEST Committee and ICE Past President, said:  

“I am delighted that over 200 QUEST awards have been made in what is an incredibly important anniversary for the Institution. Throughout the year we have been celebrating ICE’s long history and recognising the thousands of members, past and present, who have made ICE what it is.  

“However, we have not just been looking to the past. ICE has been using its bicentenary as an opportunity to reach out to the general public to demonstrate how civil engineers directly transform lives and safeguard the future for people’s families.  

“We have also been showcasing the rewarding and varied careers on offer in civil engineering, and the latest QUEST graduates are a testament to the passion and creativity of the next generation.  

“I offer congratulations to them all and look forward to seeing how they have used their QUEST scholarships to help them in their careers. If our previous scholars are anything to go by, they will make their mark as some of the brightest and most engaged civil engineers in the industry.”  

QUEST categories

A total 254 awards were made across all QUEST categories this year, including: 

  • Kenneth Watson Award, offering up to £1,500 for individuals and £4,500 for groups to fund a trip to help develop civil engineering knowledge and experience.  

  • Technician Scholarship, for those on a further/higher education course that could lead them to becoming an ICE Technician Member (MICE).  

  • Technician Plus Scholarship, a new award for 2018 which offers up to £1500 for technicians or those eligible to become a technician, helping recipients to move on to the next stage in their careers towards IEng.   

  • Undergraduate Scholarship, awarding up to £8,000 over the course of an individual’s study for those planning to start a civil engineering degree at a UK university on an ICE accredited course.  

  • Eloise Plunkett Award, for a newly qualified female member or technician member based in the UK offering up to £2,500 for travel which has a civil engineering focus.  

  • Travel Award which offers graduates or qualified members (individuals and groups can apply) looking to get experience abroad by working on a civil engineering project. The scholarship provides up to £1,500 for individuals or £6,000 for groups.  

  • Continuing Education Award offering up to £2,500 to ICE graduate and qualified members who are gaining a new qualification to help their professional development.  

In 2017, QUEST celebrated its 40th anniversary, producing a commemorative booklet looking back at some of the scheme’s previous winners.   

Members can help people like Clara and Christopher by choosing to donate £5 alongside their membership fee

QUEST Undergraduate scholars for 2018

QUEST Undergraduate scholars
First Name Last Name Employer
Luke Anniss Tony Gee and Partners
Holly Au Atkins
Sarah Bailey Environment Agency
Katharine Biggs Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Joseph Bond Skanska
Amy Botham CF Lunoe Trust
Oisin Bradley Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Freya Buchan Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Katriona Bulmer Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Maria Burnell-Romeo Skanska
Indira Carter Atkins
Dominic Corr WSP
Thomas Cotterell CF Lunoe Trust
Lucia Davighi Tony Gee and Partners
Carla Davison Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Christina Dunn Hochtief
Lucy Eost Atkins
Rachel Farrant Atkins
Lily Fowler Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Imogen Francis Hochtief
Amelia Glenn CF Lunoe Trust
Alex Goodchild Mott MacDonald
Zoe Hagan Mott MacDonald
Ellie Harris BakerHicks
Amanda Hayes-Holgate Graham
Henry Heath Costain
Lauren Henderson Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Charlotte Hicks WSP
Thomas Howard BAM Nuttall
Tom Howard Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Benjamin Hutchinson Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Esther Ilelaboye Environment Agency
Kiran Kanitkar BAM Nuttall
Jay Karlsen Tony Gee and Partners
Jacob Knox Environment Agency
Andi Lenjani Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Brent March Galliford Try
Angus Marshall Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Charles Minshaw Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Kathryn Morgan Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Joel Murindwa Atkins
Georgina Nevill Tony Gee and Partners
Vasiliki Nikoli Hochtief
Harold Nock Avent
Anoushka Patel Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Vainavi Patel Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Sathanen Pathmanathan BakerHicks
Isabelle Pichard Peter Brett Associates
Samuel Porter-Frakes Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Thomas Powell AMCO
William Ridge Atkins
Callum Ritchie Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Isobel Roberts Mott MacDonald
Alice Ronn Atkins
Samuel Thomas Rose CF Lunoe Trust
India Ross Tony Gee and Partners
Jonas Micah Ruegg Tony Gee and Partners
Isabelle Sambles Avent
Arun Kumar Sharma CF Lunoe Trust
Lucy Sigmund Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Alice Camellia Simpson Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Megan Simpson Atkins
Dominic James Skinner Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Harry Smith Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Lydia Smith Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Connor Drummond Stith Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Lara Sulaman Taylor Woodrow VINCI UK
Beth Taylor WSP
Caitlin Ellen Urquhart Peter Brett Associates
Bethan Vanhegan WSP
Suzanne Victoria Verrill Environment Agency
Samuel Western Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Jacob Whalley Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Cerys Ann White Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)
Matthew Whitter Galliford Try
Samuel Wright Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)