Responses to Scottish Government consultations

ICE Scotland has recently submitted four responses to consultations from the Scottish Government on a range of topics.

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

The practice of cash retention under construction contract

We welcome this Scottish Government consultation and fully recommend an investigation into alternative systems which support the more enterprise-based approach promoted within Project 13.

In ICE and the Infrastructure Client Group launched Project 131 in response to infrastructure delivery models that fail clients and their suppliers and the operators and users of infrastructure systems and networks.

Project 13 seeks to develop a new business model to boost certainty and productivity in delivery, improve whole life outcomes in operation and support a more sustainable, innovative, highly skilled industry.

ICE Scotland considers payment practices are integral to this and a review of the retention systems currently employed is wholly relevant.

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Housing to 2040

The provision of housing, as part of creating high-quality, productive places, is one of the UK’s most pressing problems. We cannot afford to have new developments served by poor infrastructure connections and public services, nor do we want to see a lack of strategic or local infrastructure preventing quality sites from being brought forward.

ICE Scotland members are well positioned to be part of the creation of strong, productive and sustainable places for the people who live in them for generations to come.

In order to develop housing that is sustainable, affordable, accessible and future-proofed, ICE Scotland recommends:

  • A National Needs Assessment for all aspects of Infrastructure, ensuring that housing requirements are not taken in isolation from additional infrastructure requirements.
  • A wholesale review of building standards to ensuring industry is required to act in accordance with regulatory measures to ensure sustainable, accessible and futureproofed housing.
  • Whole life cost approaches must be taken to investment, to account for increased CAPEX to deliver housing fit for modern challenges.

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Circular Economy: Proposals for Legislation

Sustainability is a key component of good practice in civil engineering and designing infrastructure in accordance with circular economy principles will be increasingly important.

We welcome Scottish Government developing policy mechanisms in this area but feel they must broaden their proposals.

There are two particular areas of importance to the infrastructure sector as regards this consultation.

  1. Procurement
  2. Embedment of circular economy principles

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National Transport Strategy

ICE Scotland has welcomed the vision for Scotland’s transport infrastructure and set out the considerations needed to be taken into account for it to be realised.

These fall under six headings:

  • Maintenance: A structured programme of maintenance of existing transport networks is needed to ensure assets can deliver the capacity required.
  • Futureproofing: There need scope to allow for transformative technologies to come to market and be embedded within our transport networks.
  • Infrastructure finance: The best ways to finance new infrastructure, infrastructure upgrades and maintenance must be considered to reflect changing priorities.
  • Holistic placemaking: Transport systems can contribute to places that are enjoyable to live and work in, but only when considered as part of a wider set of local challenges.
  • Integrated networks: Transport networks should be easy to use so all Scotland’s citizens – can travel safely door-to-door.
  • Climate Change: Scotland’s transport sector needs to adapt to the declaration of the Climate Emergency but need support to overcome the barriers they face.

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