QUB School of Biological Sciences joins This is Civil Engineering Campaign

The structure will offer state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities for Queen’s University Belfast.

The new building is on the site of the former Science Library
The new building is on the site of the former Science Library
School of Biological Science

The new School of Biological Sciences at Queen's University Belfast due to open next year will offer state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities.

The £29.5m development is under construction by Newry-based O'Hare & McGovern (OHMG) and is the latest addition to the This Is Civil Engineering campaign.

The campaign, which involves the erection of huge banners on infrastructure projects, aims to demonstrate the link between work taking place and the benefit to the local community.

The building is sited between Chlorine Gardens and Lennoxvale, Belfast.

The teaching and research facilities will be available for 750 students and 170 staff working in several areas which include agriculture/food science, food safety, disease/infection biology, diagnostics, waste management, ecosystems and the environment.

Health sciences and agri-food sectors are among the key economic drivers in Northern Ireland, currently employing 80,000 people and generating £5.5bn in sales every year.

Richard Kirk, Regional Director of ICE Northern Ireland said: "This ambitious project reflects the world class talent of the school and will reinforce Northern Ireland's reputation as a world leader in these vital sectors."

Once work is completed the building will co-locate and consolidate the School of Biological Sciences.

The project is the latest in a series carried out by OHMG for Queen's. The new computer science development, the Bernard Crossland Building on the Malone Road in Belfast, officially opened earlier this year.

The site connects three separate "character areas" on different levels, including a significant underground area. In keeping with the University's commitment to sustainability, the building has been designed in such a way as to minimise its impact on the environment, and to achieve the target of Building Research Establishment Method (BREEAM) Excellent.