See behind the scenes of the Capital on Open House weekend

ICE London is partnering once again with Open House London to reveal the city’s infrastructure to the public

Open House Weekend returns once again this year
Open House Weekend returns once again this year

For one weekend this year, London’s infrastructure will be opened up for all to visit. On the 17th and 18th September, ICE London will join Open House to deliver the largest annual festival of architecture and design.

From underground tunnels to power networks, ICE London will be giving Londoners the chance to see behind the scenes to see some of the most exciting and innovative water, waste, energy and transport facilities.

There are more than 40 infrastructure-related events going on throughout the weekend as well as hundreds of events related to the built environment. Sites like the Thames Barrier, Crossrail Whitechapel Station, the Zig Zag Building and Bunhill Energy Centre will be opened for the public to visit.

This year, we are asking the public to tell us what type of city they want. Join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #IWantACityThat and tweeting to @ICE_London.

ICE London will be running to events during the weekend, two boat tours of the Thames and a cycle tour of the Olympic Park, and is supporting Structurally Found:

Engineering Heritage Boat Tours

As part of the weekend, we will be holding our Engineering Heritage Boat Tour of the River Thames. Phil Stride, External Affairs Director at Tideway Ltd, the company behind London’s new ‘super sewer’ and Nathan Baker, Engineering Knowledge Director at ICE, will be giving two tours on Saturday 17th September , at 11am and 1pm. Leaving from Festival Pier on the Embankment, the tours will show you the untold history of the River, how engineers have shaped London through the generations and how they are continuing to do so.

Engineering Highlights Cycle Tour of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Leading engineer Andrew Weir, Director of Expedition Engineering, will explore the Olympic Park by bike, revealing the enabling works and construction of the venues through to the utilities and their supporting infrastructure. Starting at 2pm on Sunday 18th September, the tour will give an engineering perspective to one of the most famous sporting facilities in London.

Structurally Found

Structurally Found is an engineering-themed treasure hunt. It is an opportunity to win some amazing prizes while learning more about the engineering that keeps this city standing up. To play simply download of hitlist of engineering elements (arch, tunnel ‎etc) and track down examples of them while out and about. Once found take a photo and tweet/instagram it to us for the chance to win prizes. But Structurally Found is more than a competition, it is a conversation- our engineers will be online and on the streets all weekend chatting about what we do and how is shapes the world around us. More details are available at

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