ICE 200: Hong Kong launches practical Shaping Our Future City campaign

ICE Hong Kong has put together an ICE 200 package of events that includes site visits, seminars and workshops for students.

ICE 200: all about people and looking forward to future development of Hong Kong
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ICE 200: all about people and looking forward to future development of Hong Kong
  • Updated: 18 January, 2018
  • Author: Leo Poon

For ICE 200 Hong Kong is launching a campaign for secondary students. Called 'Shaping Our Future City' with the theme HK2030+, it is aimed at equipping students with understanding and knowledge of civil engineering through various activities and hands-on experience.

The campaign includes:

  • half-day opening ceremony featuring interactive briefing, ice-breaking and team-building activities
  • 2 site visits to signature civil engineering projects
  • 3 technical seminars and hands-on workshops delivered by industry leaders
  • competition themed HK2030+, in which students will form teams to formulate real-life solutions on future urban planning and development issues in Hong Kong
  • team-based coaching by professional civil engineers
  • presentation or exhibition to arouse public awareness

Students will develop practical understanding on the role of civil engineers in urban planning and development. They will be guided by experienced engineers to practise engineering theories and methodologies which resolve real life challenges.

They will also grasp the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other participating schools and appreciate the importance of collaboration in problem solving.