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Find out more about the ICE QUEST scholarship and award scheme and how you can help support it.

Donate to QUEST
Donate to QUEST

The Queen’s Jubilee Scholarship Trust, or QUEST, was set up to encourage education in civil engineering. Our awards offer scholarships and bursaries for students, graduates and professionally qualified members at all levels to develop their knowledge and skills and fulfil their potential.

As part of ICE’s bicentenary celebrations in 2018, the QUEST scholarship and award programme is helping a record 200 engineers to complete their study, learn new professional skills and work on international development projects.

Find out how winning a QUEST Technician Scholarship helped ICE member Christopher Davies achieve his goal of professional qualification.

Please donate £5 when paying your membership subscription to help us continue to support these valuable activities.

How to donate
QUEST is an independent fund owned and managed by ICE. You can donate to the QUEST fund at the same time as paying your annual membership fees.

  • Online: Make sure the box marked QUEST donation is ticked in MyICE. (If you've previously opted out the box will be missing - in this case, please contact Membership Services for help)
  • By phone: Call us to check if you are opted in to donate to QUEST
  • By cheque: Please refer to page 4 of your printed membership subscription notice (coming shortly) for further instructions

Contact our friendly Membership Services Team if you need help to change your QUEST donation in your subscriptions payment at [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7665 2227.