Thousands of visitors flock to student showcase on civil engineering

The public exhibition on how to deal with Hong Kong's future infrastructure challenges was the result of a six-month ICE 200 campaign.

The final presentation at City Gallery.
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The final presentation at City Gallery.
  • Updated: 25 September, 2018
  • Author: Max Ng

More than 7,000 members of the public have visited an exhibition on the future of civil engineering, put on by the Graduates and Students Division in Hong Kong.

The event at the City Gallery in Central followed a campaign, ‘ICE 200 Shaping Our Future City’, which the division ran from February to July 2018 to mark the 200th anniversary of the Institution.

Solving a future problem

During the project, 53 students from nine secondary schools explored the world of civil engineering and the Hong Kong 2030+ planning strategy, with the guidance of 40 passionate civil engineering graduates and students.

For the exhibition and a final presentation, the students were tasked with working out a proposal in railway design and village development, which took into consideration site constraints and stakeholders.

They visited construction sites such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Shatin-to-Central Link, as well as infrastructures like Tsing Ma Bridge and water treatment works.

Engineers working in local industry and on humanitarian missions gave students an insight into future challenges and civil engineers’ approach to problem-solving and helping people in need.

Students also took part in games to help improve their technical knowledge, as well as their communication and presentation skills.

The exhibition

As well as presenting the students’ solution to the task, the exhibition introduced the ICE, local infrastructure projects and relevant university degrees to visitors.

The students received high praise from the ICE representative for Hong Kong, CK Hon GBS, and three judges in local engineering and planning professions, for their presentations.

“The campaign not only allowed the students to have their first tastes of civil engineering, but also reminded me of my motivation for joining this profession” said Irene Ngai, chairman of the Organising Committee.

This campaign, in its first year, was sponsored by Ove Arup and Partners (Hong Kong) Limited and Urban Renewal Authority and supported by the Development Bureau, Works Departments of the Hong Kong government, and various third-party institutions.