Transport engineering challenges in the West Indies

The ICE West Indies Local Association discussed transportation engineering issues at its latest seminar, led by distinguished experts from the local transportation industry.

Transportation engineering in the West Indies: traffic issues discussed
Transportation engineering in the West Indies: traffic issues discussed

The ICE West Indies Local Association (ICEWILA) held its second seminar for the year on the topic of transportation engineering. The event, which recorded the highest attendance in ICEWILA history, featured two distinguished subject matter experts in the local transportation industry.

Katherine Agong, transportation planner and fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, spoke about the need for proper infrastructure in order to support an efficient and effective transportation service in Trinidad and Tobago. She discussed examples of non-compliant infrastructure and referenced examples from the UK where proper infrastructure enhances the public transportation system.

Dr Trevor Townsend, senior lecturer in transportation engineering, spoke about the various cost effective options for a mass transit system in Trinidad and Tobago and the potential costs/impacts. He discussed the bus rapid transit of Curitiba, Brazil and the potential of implementing a similar scheme in Trinidad and Tobago.

The seminar led to a healthy and interactive discussion on transportation engineering, the influence of politics on transportation, traffic impact assessments, traffic signal design and transport monitoring/modelling.

ICEWILA is to hold a follow up seminar next year as part of the ICEWILA's contribution to the ICE 200 celebrations.

Other planned seminars include the topics of landslips and building condition assessments.

Download Agong presentation slides
Download Trevor Townsend presentation slides