Trustee Board election: your chance to stand

ICE is seeking two new trustees to oversee UK Regions and to lead our Policy work. Find out the details and how to make a nomination.

The Trustee Board are the most senior decision-making body within the Institution.
The Trustee Board are the most senior decision-making body within the Institution.

ICE is governed by a Trustee Board of twelve trustees.  This year, the voting members will directly elect two individuals to the Trustee Board. Voting will take place in the ICE Ballot, which opens in June 2021. The two directly elected trustees will then take up their respective posts in November 2021 and, subject to annual confirmation by the ICE Council, will serve for three years. 

Trusteeship comes with significant responsibilities and duties as set out by the UK Charity Commission.  Trustees are responsible for all aspects of the Institution including the implementation and oversight of the ICE’s strategy, regulatory and legal compliance, as well as maintaining the reputation and standing of the Institution.  In practice, the primary role of a Trustee is to act in the best interests of the Institution to maintain its reputation, set its vision and strategy, and to direct its activities. The duties and responsibilities of an ICE trustee can be found in the Trustee Role Description

Each Trustee is responsible for a portfolio and are expected to lead in the policy aspects of the area for which they are responsible. Trustees shall champion the portfolio, within and beyond the Institution. This year the two portfolios that fall vacant are the Trustee for UK Regions and the Trustee for Policy and External Affairs. Trustees have drawn up a profile of skills and experience required of those looking to apply for either position: 

Oversee UK Regions

The trustee responsible for UK Regions chairs the UK Regional Affairs Committee.  It is desirable, but not essential, that this post is filled by a member with extensive experience of one or all of the UK Regions.  The role of a trustee is not to represent a particular constituency or group, but it is important that the Trustee Board has good insight into how our regions operate in practice, the challenges they face and the benefits they bring to our membership.  This is an important competence for this appointment. 

Similarly, this individual will need to demonstrate a sound understanding of the role of the regional committee, the regional support team and the role of the regional director.  Ideally the applicant will have direct experience of working with regional directors to advance ICE’s policy and knowledge positions regionally with members, but importantly with local decision makers. 

Policy and External Affairs 

The trustee for Policy and External Affairs helps shape the ICE’s policy positions across the full suite of issues on which the Institution comments.  A very good understanding of how governments operate, both in UK and overseas, is essential.  This work is, by its nature, collaborative and persuasive. Experience of building alliances, consensus and cutting through to the core of an issue is highly desirable.  Direct experience of persuading politicians and officials to implement policy changes is highly desirable.  A broad understanding of how international bodies such as the United Nations, OECD, development banks and similar bodies operate, while not essential, is highly desirable. 

Appointing high-calibre people from diverse backgrounds with relevant skills, knowledge and experience to the boards of ICE will help us to ensure that our work is more effective, resilient and accountable. For that reason, we positively welcome applicants from all backgrounds. 

How to make a nomination

If you would like to stand for election to the Trustee Board, please complete the nomination form setting out explicitly how you meet the criteria for either of the positions as set out above, as well as the general requirements of a trustee as outlined in the Trustee Role Description

Completed nomination forms should be sent to [email protected] to arrive no later than 12:00hrs GMT, 26 February 2021. 

If you would like to find out more about Trustee Board elections, please visit the our governance webpage or email us at [email protected]