Upcoming NEC4 workshops

NEC will be delivering a series of NEC4 workshops in the United Kingdom. Each workshop will cover the key changes on works and services contracts.

NEC4 workshop session with Ben Walker
NEC4 workshop session with Ben Walker

These full day workshops are composed of two different sessions:

  • NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC): key changes affecting the management of the contract
  • NEC4: evolution of the service contracts

Ben Walker, NEC4 drafter and CEO at CEMAR, will be delivering the workshops.

The morning session is designed to help project managers, contractors and supervisors identify and understand key changes under NEC4. It will start with updates to defined and identified terms and other general matters. Then, it will cover various changes and simplifications to programme, payment and compensation events (many driven by industry feedback), before exploring some new process and initiatives.

The afternoon session takes a look at how consistency has been achieved over the NEC4 Term Service Contract (TSC) and Professional Service Contract (PSC). It will cover the introduction of people rates, cost components and the overhaul of the Task Order mechanism. The session will explore the various new secondary options and how work is ordered in practice.

Both sessions will give delegates the opportunity to ask questions and explore the detail behind the clauses. An overview of NEC4's guidance notes will also be provided.

NEC will be delivering these workshop sessions in:

  • Birmingham - 31 October 2017 BOOK
  • Manchester - 01 November 2017 BOOK
  • London - 17 January 2018 BOOK
  • Cardiff - 07 February 2018 BOOK
  • Manchester - 23 February 2018 BOOK
  • Glasgow - 28 February 2018 BOOK

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