Volunteer for an ICE Project group in 2018

Interested in getting involved in ICE knowledge activity to tackle infrastructure challenges? If so, then we want to hear from you.

Volunteer for one of ICE
Volunteer for one of ICE's Project groups

In 2018, ICE is seeking to expand the opportunities for ICE members and associated infrastructure professionals by establishing project groups to tackle specific infrastructure challenges.

Infrastructure challenges

We recognise that your time is precious, so we want to provide opportunities for engineers and infrastructure professionals to confront the issues which you are passionate about. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals who are equally hungry to challenge the status quo and share solutions and guidance with the wider ICE community.

ICE Project groups

By creating task and finish project groups, we aim to enable our members with the means and resources to work with the Institution and the wider infrastructure community to address challenges and create learning and development opportunities for ICE members.

Working in tandem with ICE staff, participants on project groups will be guided to help cultivate, curate and disseminate knowledge in the form of events, reports and learning programmes.

What challenges could I tackle?

Based on ICE research and discussion with ICE members, listed below are a selection of challenges which require the support of engineers and infrastructure professionals.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email adam.kirkup@ice.org.uk stipulating which of the project groups below you might like to be involved with.

Of course, if the issue you care about is not listed below, please do feel free to make a challenge proposal to us, and we would be very happy to consider.

List of ICE project groups in 2018

Engineering Energy for the Future

How will hydrogen technologies or electric batteries best provide for urban and inter-urban energy needs? This project will explore the potential impact of developing and expanding the use of electric batteries and hydrogen for powering the built environment.

BIM Progress and Challenging the Unconverted

How successful and effective has the supply chain adopted BIM? How do we challenge the unconverted? This project will address what could be done to ensure progress to date is fully embedded for existing programmes like BIM level 2.

Future Cities Standards

This project addresses engineering standards for future cities, outlining a standard for good governance and management of Urban Infrastructure, and aims to provide clarity as to what constitutes a city of the future and articulate the various stages and steps that need to be considered.

Urban Infrastructure Technologies and Innovation

How could technology and innovation be used more effectively in the development and management of urban infrastructure, specifically towns and cities. What are the outcomes, benefits and value that technology can deliver with particular reference to the lives of people living in cities?

What does Digital Transformation mean for me?

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is putting digital transformation at the heart of the infrastructure pillar of the modern industrial strategy. What steps should be taken to communicate the importance of this to engineers and infrastructure professionals?

Managing Railway and Highway Possessions: Reducing Engineering Overruns?

Engineering overruns cause significant disruption to the rail and highway network, hampering passengers, the delivery of goods and services, and damaging the reputation of engineers. This project will address good practice for managing rail, highway and other transport network possessions.

Living with Ageing Structures/Earthworks on the Railway Network

The rail network will continue to require the continued use and management of ageing assets, structures and earthworks. These are not constructed to modern standards and unlikely to ever meet Eurocode standards. This project will seek to exchange knowledge among engineering professionals on maintaining existing rail assets.

Developing Street Futures for Active Travel

Looking at the long term horizon, and the onset of autonomous vehicles, what can the travelling public expect from its future streets? What are the possible alternatives? And, within these scenarios, how can transportation professionals design and implement infrastructure for active travel modes such as walking and cycling?

The Strategic and Local Road Networks - Sharing Good Practice

How can engineers and asset managers from the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and Local Road Network (LRN) learn from one-another and share good practice? This project will highlight good practice from each side and identify mechanisms for knowledge exchange.

Education/Forward Thinking for Smart Cities

Engineering is changing as new challenges are arising for engineers particularly in the urban environment and smart cities. Urban engineering requires additional skills to shape the physical setting for life in cities. What new skills and techniques will be required for urban engineers?

How to Evaluate and Improve Long Term Health Issues at the Design Stage?

This project will address the role of the designer and how they could successfully influence and support the improvement of construction health.

How Can We Reduce the Burden of Ill-Health?

How can team work and strategic direction lead to better outcomes for occupational health and safety throughout the workforce?

Understanding Risk Levels

If infrastructure risk levels could be better understood and communicated, investment would be easier to achieve and could potentially reduce infrastructure project budgets. This project would address the information which investors might need to achieve this outcome.

Structural Codes and Standards for The Future

This project will question whether our structural codes and standards are sufficient for the future and engage with fellow professionals to evaluate exiting standards and what might be required to meet the needs of the future?

To get involved, please email adam.kirkup@ice.org.uk stipulating which of the project groups below you might like to be involved with.