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Working in tandem with the ICE Benevolent Fund, ICE offers all our members a comprehensive package of support.

ICE membership: all about helping you with career, job and life issues
ICE membership: all about helping you with career, job and life issues
  • Updated: 01 February, 2018
  • Author: Ed Horton

Whether you're looking to boost your personal and professional development, need support to overcome a challenging time in your life, or are moving on to a new employer, we are here for you.

ICE Benevolent Fund services

The Ben Fund is committed to helping ICE members, past and present, and their families.

They offer services that promote personal development, good health and well-being, as well as support in times of crisis. Subject to your circumstances, the Ben Fund may be able to help with one-off or regular financial support.

The Ben Fund's services include:

  • Back to work programme
  • One-off and monthly financial support
  • Telephone and face to face counselling
  • Independent financial advice (debt management)
  • Online well-being portal
  • Housing (Sussex)
  • Self-development workshops
  • Free financial planning and well-being webinars
  • Student support

If you would like practical advice on personal, emotional or financial matters get in touch:

+44 (0)1444 417 979
[email protected]

Continuing your IPD if you change employer

If you are on an ICE Training Scheme and move on to a new employer, you can transfer your progress provided your new employer is also an ICE Approved Employer. And rest assured, there are other options if your new employer does not have Approved Employer status.

If you can, you should aim to update your attribute achievement records and ask your SCE or DE to review and verify your progress before you change employer. However if you have left already and are no longer in contact or your SCE / DE, your new SCE or DE should also be able to verify your achievement by reviewing and discussing with you the evidence you previously submitted.

We have prepared a brief FAQs document that covers other key queries about transferring a Training Agreement when you change employer.

If you need additional information or have any questions the team at our Membership Support Centre will be happy to help:

[email protected]
0121 237 3648 / 49