What’s stopping you getting qualified?

One of our MDOs recently went the extra mile to help Rhiannon Cornock, an aspirant EngTech member, who was ready to sit her professional review but also soon to go on maternity leave.

An aspirant member attains EngTech before going on maternity leave.
An aspirant member attains EngTech before going on maternity leave.

Richard Barbour, ICE Membership Development Officer for South West and Wales, met Rhiannon Cornock, who works for FLI structures in Gloucestershire, when she and her colleagues attended an EngTech workshop. Richard quickly became aware that Rhiannon might struggle to sit her EngTech qualification before becoming a mother for the first time.

Richard said: "Knowing how life events can impact on progress to qualifications I wanted to give Rhiannon every opportunity. So I contacted the professional review team to work out some options and arrange to run an ad hoc review to help Rhiannon. I'm delighted we were able to do this and the flexibility exemplifies our values of customer focus, teamwork and results."

Rhiannon is now a qualified EngTech member and gave this vote of thanks:

"Thank you so much for sorting the alternative date for my professional review. With this great news, I'm able to return to the industry as a professionally qualified member. I think it's great that ICE is willing to be flexible so that more people can gain this qualification."

If you would like to sit your Professional Review in 2017 and think there might be a difficulty, or you're just not sure how to go about applying, get in touch with us. Email the ICE membership recruitment team at membershiprecruitment@ice.org.uk.