Fun film that shows off civil engineering goes on general release

As part of ICE 200's mission to spread the word about civil engineering we’ve produced a brand new video that introduces civil engineering to a young audience. And we need your help to promote it.

What's Your Story?: a magical journey through the world of civil engineering
ICE has launched a new short video targeting young people and shows civil engineering as a creative, rewarding and fun career choice. ICE members are asked to help get young people to watch it through social media or personal contacts.

The video  ‘What’s your story? Discover civil engineering and how to build big for your future’ takes the viewer on a magical journey through our modern world, built and designed by civil engineers, with a few surprises along the way.

It shows what civil engineers do and how they’ve shaped our world in a fun and easy to understand way. The short format is designed as an attention-grabbing introduction to an engineer-led education session in schools - or for just watching online.

The new film supports our education website section which hosts up-to-date careers advice, profiles of civil engineers and our top ICE 200 People and Projects - which are being released throughout 2018.

If you have school contacts or family or friends with teenagers in their household please direct them towards the film. You can also help share the film via ICE’s social media channels on twitter and facebook.

The 'What's your story?' video was produced by Wind and Foster productions who also produced ICE's ‘Engineering the London Underground’ and the unforgettable ‘Engineering Happiness’ film.