A MERIT first: Winning team defeat competition remotely from overseas

For the first time in the computer simulation game’s 30-year history, all six teams in the final came from outside the UK.

Similarly to last year's event, the final was held at Loughborough University, and the winning team, Not that Team, received the coveted trophy from ICE president Lord Robert Mair.

A MERIT first

For the first time in the game's 30-year history, all six teams in the final came from outside the UK. As another 'first', the winning team was not sponsored by the four young engineers' employers, and so had to play remotely from overseas.

Not only did the winning 'Not That Team' have the handicap of not being in Loughborough, but also they were spread across three separate offices – in Bangalore and Gurgaon (both in India) and Dubai.

Three of the other finalists came from Atkins, one of the game's strongest supporters, two from India and one from Hong Kong, while the other finalists were teams from Jacobs in Dubai and KBR in Qatar.

A close call

At the start of this year's two-day finals, all six teams were closely matched, but 'Not that Team' quickly rose from joint second to develop an increasingly unassailable lead.

ICE President Lord Robert Mair who attended the final said:

'The MERIT finalists showed outstanding collaboration, planning and decision‐making. These are the future leaders of the industry displaying their skills.'


Merit – an acronym for management, enterprise, risk, innovation and teamwork – is a web-based computer simulation that allows participants operating in groups of up to six, acting as a board of directors and managers, to manage their own construction company. In the early rounds, the teams all compete against the computer: there were 106 of them this year. But then the six leading teams are selected for the finals, where they meet and compete against each other for the final eight rounds.

MERIT is strongly supported by ICE's Management Board, as well as by the Chartered Institute of Building and the Construction Industry Training Board.