Top 50 women in engineering: nominate someone impressive

Nominations are now open for WE50 2018 – the Top 50 Women in Engineering poll and ICE is aiming to boost the number of civil engineers who make the list.

ICE member Claire Gott MBE: named in last year
ICE member Claire Gott MBE: named in last year's top 50 poll
Last year's Top 50 Women in Engineering poll highlighted the work of 50 brilliant women engineers of all ages and different career stages and 10 of those included in the list were ICE members or Fellows.

The initiative, run by the Daily Telegraph and backed by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), is sponsored by a range of industry partners. It aims to boost female uptake of engineering roles and careers by celebrating the notable achievements made by women in the sector.

According to Engineering UK’s ‘State of engineering 2018’ report published last week, there is an annual demand for 124,000 engineers and technicians with core engineering skills across the economy.

ICE Membership Director Seán Harris says that while women comprise 47% of the overall UK workforce they make up only 12% of those working in engineering occupations.

“If we are to address the shortfall in engineering skills we must do more to demonstrate the exciting range of rewarding careers on offer in engineering, particularly to girls,” he says.

“According to the latest research just 34 per cent of 7-11 year old girls said they would like to become an engineer when they are older, compared with 59 per cent of boys at the same age. By the time girls reach age 16-19, only 25 per cent would consider a career in engineering - less than half the proportion of boys.

“ICE has led the way in encouraging girls and young women to choose a career in engineering, with initiatives such as steering the Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Progression Framework’ document which seeks to educate and support both employers and professional bodies. ICE also co-produced the Apprenticeship Toolkit in partnership with WISE and SEMTA. But there will always be more that we aspire to deliver in terms of diversity and inclusion.

“The Top 50 Women in Engineering Poll is a great opportunity to showcase successful women as role models for the next generation. I would actively encourage nominations for those women delivering societal change and improvement through their work in the civils sector.”

Nominations will be presented to a judging panel from the Women’s Engineering Society. The top 50 list will appear in The Daily Telegraph later this year to coincide with International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) on 23 June.

WES is a charity that inspires and supports women and girls to achieve their potential as engineers, scientists and technical leaders. ICE is a long term supporter, regularly hosting events and activities in support of INWED which year takes place on 23 June.

How to nominate an inspirational woman

The Daily Telegraph is accepting nominations for anyone who works in the engineering sector, not just qualified engineers.  

Full details and the nomination form are available on the Daily Telegraph’s website.