Brexit and infrastructure connectivity

This paper sets out a series of recommendations in terms of Brexit and future infrastructure connectivity.

Specific recommendations include:

  • The Government should identify the physical infrastructure needed to maintain mutually beneficial links with the European Union under a new customs system, whilst expanding trade with the rest of the world
  • The feasibility of establishing a UK Investment Bank should be explored, prior to the transition period coming into effect, by the Government as a contingency against a loss of access to low cost finance from the European Investment Bank
  • The Government should act to ensure freedom of movement for some construction workers and other built environment professionals, working with industry to map the skills required to deliver future projects under the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline
  • The Government and industry should accelerate efforts to implement digital transformation and innovative ways of working
  • The UK should seek to remain a member of the European Standards Organisations CEN and CENELEC, with the Government assuring maintenance of the current regulatory approach

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