National Needs Assessment

The National Needs Assessment (NNA) is a project initiated by the Institution of Civil Engineers and in collaboration with professional services, business and academic groups from across the entire infrastructure community. It provides a cross-sector assessment of the UK’s national economic infrastructure needs to 2050.

The report sets out the steps that are needed for a national infrastructure system that is efficient, affordable and sustainable – an infrastructure fit for an innovative and productive global trading nation. The ICE-led project identifies the drivers of future change in infrastructure networks, mainly economic and population growth, technological change and climate change. It also examines the interdependencies of infrastructure networks and looks at effective demand management and the future use of technology in helping us meet our future needs. The conclusions of this work will help shape the agenda of long-term infrastructure policy and inform the future work of the National Infrastructure Commission, this includes suggestions for its own future deep dive studies and acts as a blueprint for its own National Infrastructure Assessment.

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