ICE’s submission to National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) Consultation on London transport

ICE London has submitted its response to the newly established National Infrastructure Commission, assessing the strategic options for investment in London’s transport system through projects like Crossrail 2.

ICE London has responded to the new NIC's consultation, which has chosen London's transport system as one of its key areas of investigation. In the response, ICE London states the need for a quick decision on the construction of Crossrail 2, highlighting the benefits to house building in the Capital should an early and clear commitment by the Government be made.

The response explains how "the potential for the creation of new vibrant communities will be maximised if there is a clear and early commitment to fund and deliver Crossrail 2 to stated timescales" as shown by schemes like London's Docklands. A political decision on Crossrail 2 will give developers "the confidence to start building homes and invest in the public realm aspects of the development that will ensure high quality places to live are created."

Transport infrastructure is a key way of unlocking new areas of London for residential development. With the population of the city expected to rise to 11 million over the next 35 years, the NIC will be pivotal in building a political momentum for large-scale transport upgrades.

Thanks to the ICE London Transport Panel for their contributions to this response.

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