ICE’s submission to the 2015 summer Budget

ICE’s submission to the 2015 summer Budget sets out our agenda for infrastructure policy over the next five years. Find out more about ICE’s recommendations to Government and what success can look like by the end of this Parliament.

In our submission, we call on Government to focus on two overarching objectives in order to help grow the UK economy:

  • Maximise infrastructure's contribution to improved productivity and higher economic growth.
  • Build resilience into the UK's infrastructure networks so that they are fit to face future challenges.

To achieve these objectives, Government should collaborate with industry to:

  • Create a long-term infrastructure decision-making framework.
  • Secure a world class engineering workforce that can drive innovation and productivity.
  • Develop Infrastructure Network Performance Metrics.
  • Accelerate the devolution of power and resources for developing high performing infrastructure.

The submission also outlines recommendations for sector spending on high speed rail, flood risk management and roads.

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