State of the Nation: Capacity and Skills 2008

Does the nation have the capacity and skills to deliver its infrastructure programme? Is industry investing enough in the development of civil engineers?

State of the Nation - Transport
State of the Nation - Transport

Civil engineering provides the infrastructure for sustainable growth. This State of the Nation report:

  • Addresses capacity and skills constraints
  • Proposes strategic solutions to ensure a vibrant industry
  • Helps deliver the government’s infrastructure ambition

It's vital to understand the causes of rises in cost for infrastructure delivery. ICE believes that many of them are linked to the relationship between Government, as client, and industry.

To improve this ICE recommends:

  • Long-term, strategic plans for the development of the UK’s infrastructure
  • An end to stop-start development and short-term planning
  • A Commission for Strategic Infrastructure Planning to take responsibility for planning the development of the UK’s infrastructure

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