ICE’s submission to the Government’s Infrastructure Finance Review

ICE has responded to the Infrastructure Finance Review examining the implications of the UK's potential loss of access to the European Investment Bank and the wider role of private financing for infrastructure.

The submission makes the following recommendations: 
  • That the Government explore a pay as you go model to replace fuel duty and vehicle excise duty in light of technological changes in the automotive and transport sectors. 
  • The Government should explore the development and refinement of financing and revenue models including asset recycling, land value capture, crowdfunding and market-led proposals in rail. 
  • Additional support for energy storage, through contracts for difference or a similar scheme, to enhance the deployment and resilience of renewable energy generation. 
  • That the National Infrastructure Commission should be placed on a statutory footing in the long-term. 
  • That, in the event of a loss of access to the European Investment Bank, the UK should establish a UK financial institution to match the capabilities and function the bank provides at present.

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