ICE contributes to new International Construction Measurement Standard

The Institution of Civil Engineers is part of a joint effort with thirty-six professional and non-profit organisations from around the world to create international construction measurement standard (ICMS) to harmonise measurement principles in the built environment.

ICE is contributing to the new ICMS due for publication in 2017.
ICE is contributing to the new ICMS due for publication in 2017.
  • Updated: 26 April, 2016
  • Author: Malcolm Horner, ICE Management Expert Panel

The purpose of this newly formed ICMS coalition, representing professionals from 140 countries, is to create a framework for a standard system of costing for building and civil engineering projects.

ICMS will allow cost comparisons to be made on a like-for-like basis across countries, which will allow governments, global financial institutions, investors, NGOs, professional institutions, corporate bodies and professionals to:

  • Benchmark national costs.
  • Identify the causes of differences in costs.
  • Determine the relative performance of the construction industry in different countries.
  • Make properly informed decisions about the optimum location of construction projects.

The new standard will:

  • Adopt universal definitions of construction costs and the associated variables.
  • Create a single classification system for building and civil engineering projects for use with digital tools such as BIM.
  • Recommend a consistent data framework for the collation of national statistics.
  • Provide for the incorporation of life cycle costs.
  • Be as simple as possible, commensurate with allowing robust comparisons to be made.
  • Articulate with local standards and the International Property Measurement Standard wherever possible.
  • Recommend a standard reporting format.
  • Provide consistent language and terminologies for the worldwide, and increasingly mobile, profession.
  • Accommodate the need for continuous refinement, updating and change.

Work on creating the framework began in November 2015. Following the release of a first draft in August, there will be a three month consultation period before publication of the first edition early in 2017.

The ICMS coalition includes representatives from 140 countries
The ICMS coalition includes representatives from 140 countries.

ICE members are encouraged to get involved in the project. Find out more on the ICMS website, or contact: